Picture Addition kindergarten worksheets PDF

If you want to teach basic addition to kids then Objects addition is the best way for it. It’s very effective for preschools and kindergarten kids. and the most special thing is that you can teach this with fun activities. I am sharing here Free Picture Addition worksheets PDF. You can download and print these worksheets … Read more

Counting Objects Worksheets 1-10 PDF

Object counting is a very effective and easy way to teach counting to kids. The object counting worksheet makes your task even easier. Here I am sharing some very cute Counting Objects worksheets. FREE 1-10 Counting Objects Worksheets PDF These worksheets have 1 to 10 counting only. I have made these worksheets are colorful and … Read more

Match the Shapes with their Names

There are many types of shapes like circle, square, hexagon, pentagon etc. You can teach kids about these shapes by using worksheets. Today I am sharing Match the Shapes with their Names worksheet free pdf. I am also attaching the google drive free download link, where you can download this worksheet for free. I hope this … Read more

Alphabet Flashcards | A to Z | Free Printable PDF

flashcards are an effective way to teach something to small kids. Using flashcards, we can easily teach children a lot of things. I am sharing some Printable Alphabet Flashcards of letters A to Z here, with the help of these Alphabet Flashcards children will be able to learn letters easily. I designed these Printable flashcards … Read more

Single digit Addition Worksheets for Grade 1 PDF

Math is a tough subject that needs extra practice to learn. If parents would prepare their kids for it from the beginning then kids can be better in maths in future. Math is tricky so that makes the mind sharper. Learn with Fun is a very effective way to teach kids. There are many ways to … Read more