Number Tracing 1-20 PDF Worksheets

Today I am sharing a Free 20 Pages bundle of Numbers tracing 1-20 worksheets PDF for preschool or kindergarten. These worksheets help kids to learn and write 1 to 20 numbers. Our worksheets are entirely free of cost. I am attaching a google drive pdf downloading link to download these free printable worksheets. I hope … Read more

2 digit Subtraction without Regrouping | PDF Worksheets

There are I am sharing some Two-digit Subtraction without regrouping Worksheets in PDF format. I am also sharing Google drive link of these worksheets, you can free download and print any time. I am also sharing answer worksheets. I hope these worksheets will help kids to learn subtraction without regrouping or borrowing. 2-digit Subtraction without … Read more

Picture Addition kindergarten worksheets PDF

If you want to teach Addition to kids, then Objects Addition is the best way. It’s very effective for preschools and kindergarten kids. The good thing is that you can teach this with fun activities. I am sharing here Free Picture Addition worksheets PDF. You can download and print these worksheets for free. Picture Addition worksheets … Read more

Alphabet Flashcards | A to Z | Free Printable PDF

Flashcards are an effective way to teach something to small kids. Using flashcards, we can easily teach children a lot of things. I am sharing some Printable Alphabet Flashcards of letters A to Z here. With the help of these Alphabet Flashcards, children will learn letters quickly. I designed these Printable flashcards in a colorful … Read more

Single digit Subtraction Worksheets free PDF

Hey, there I am sharing Single digit subtraction worksheets. You can also download them in pdf version for free. I hope these worksheets will help kids to learn Single digit subtraction. I am also sharing Answer Worksheets that you can download and print all PDF Worksheets for free. I am sure this stuff will help kids to … Read more

Tracing Numbers 1-100 PDF

Hey, I have some free printable stuff for you. I am sharing here 1 to 100 Tracing Worksheet PDF for preschool or kindergarten kids. If you are looking for number worksheets for kids then I am sure this worksheet is perfect for you. This free printable worksheet has 1 to 100 numbers to trace, this … Read more

Writing Numbers 1-10 Worksheets PDF

I am sharing here FREE Printable Numbers 1-10 Worksheets for preschool or kindergarten. These worksheets have Number writing and tracing. I am sure that these free worksheets will help kids to easily learn about 1-10 numbers. For downloading and printing purposes I am also attaching Google drive pdf downloading link, where you can download these … Read more

Match the Shapes with their Names Worksheet PDF

There are many types of shapes like circle, square, hexagon, pentagon, etc. You can teach kids about these shapes by using worksheets. Today I am sharing Match the Shapes with their Names worksheet free pdf. I am also attaching the google drive free download link, where you can download this worksheet for free. I hope this … Read more

Tracing Numbers 1-50 PDF

Here I am sharing Free Printable Worksheets of 1 to 50 Tracing Numbers. This worksheet will surely help kindergarten kids to learn 1-50 numbers, and it will also improve their handwriting. I am sharing a google drive PDF download link where you can download this worksheet for free. Tracing Numbers 1-50 Worksheets for Kindergarten I … Read more