1-10 Counting objects Preschool Numbers worksheets PDF

Today I am sharing objects Counting printable worksheets of 1-10 numbers for preschool or kindergarten kids. I have added animals, trees, and other objects in the worksheets that make these worksheets very colorful and easy to learn. I hope my worksheets will help kids to learn 1 to 10 number counting. I am also attaching … Read more

Multiplication tables chart 1-12 | Printable Worksheets PDF

Multiplication is an essential part of math. If you have a better knowledge of multiplication tables, math can be easier for you. So here I am sharing a colorful multiplication table chart worksheet in Printable PDF format. I hope these colorful worksheets will help kids to learn multiplication tables from 1 to 12. Multiplication tables … Read more

2 digit Addition Worksheets PDF | with regrouping and without regrouping

I am sharing 2 digit addition worksheets with answers in PDF format. You can free download them from google drive link. I hope our addition worksheets will help kids to learn 2-digit addition. These worksheets have both (with regrouping and without regrouping) type additions. 2-digit Addition Worksheets PDF More Worksheets: Single digit subtraction worksheets free PDF 2 … Read more

Number Cards 1-10 with Pictures PDF

When kids begin their education, they are given the knowledge of the alphabet and numbers. Straightforward methods are used for Kids to start learning, such as alphabet tracing, number tracing, etc., so that there is not much difficulty in learning. Flashcards are a straightforward and effective way to teach preschool or kindergarten Kids something easily. … Read more

Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers

Do you know how to solve decimal questions? Are you learning about the multiplication of decimals? If you have started learning decimal, then I have something for you. Here I am sharing FREE Worksheets of Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers [With Answers] Multiplying Decimals by Whole Numbers Worksheets PDF I am sure that these worksheets … Read more

Trigonometry Table 0 to 360 Degrees PDF

What is trigonometry? Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that aims to measure and calculate the sides and angles of a triangle. There are six trigonometric functions: sine (sin) cosine (cos) tangent (tan) cosecant (cosec) secant (sec) cotangent (cot) Each trigonometric function has ratios for different angles between 0 to 360 degrees. Here I am … Read more

Factorisation Worksheets with Answers PDF

Are you a grade 8 or 9 student? I have something for you, related to your maths. Here I am sharing Factorisation Worksheets with Answers. I am sure that these worksheets will definitely help you to learn Factorisation. You can download these worksheets in FREE PDF. Factorisation Worksheets PDF There are a total of three … Read more